• Boemo ba Khoebo

    Boemo ba Khoebo

    Tianjin Solinc Industrial Co. Ltd. Loated in Tianjin Port. With the advantages of Tianjin Port, Solinc has been professional engaged in fertilizer business for more than 13 years.Our business extend across China and all over the world. While providing high quality products, we have a professional...
  • Ammonium sulfate’s function

    Ammonium sulfate’s function

    Ammonium sulfate is a kind of nitrogen fertilizer, which contains a large amount of elemental nitrogen and a moderate amount of elemental sulfur. Its advantages are relatively small hygroscopicity, not easy to agglomerate, and it has good physical properties and chemical stability compared with a...
  • OBI ụtọ dragọn ahụ ụgbọ mmiri ememme

    OBI ụtọ dragọn ahụ ụgbọ mmiri ememme

    Tọrọ ụtọ osikapa dumplings na obodo ọdịiche na n'oghere ndidi a ọdịnala China si Dragon Boat Festival ọtụtụ narị afọ. The Duanwu Ememme, ma mara dị ka dragọn Boat Festival, e guzobere na-echeta Qu Yuan, a na-eje ọkà mmụta na ịhụ mba n'anya na-ede uri nke ala nke Chu dur ...